Saturday, September 22, 2007

Style for my Style

I admire all of you who can knit the lace shawls. I imagine that your lives are way more exciting and glamorous than mine, with some Event that you would wear your masterpiece to. I mostly wear clothes of the casual variety. This is a piece of beauty that unfortunately will be worn with my flamingo pajama pants when I run out to the back yard with Piccolo. This is Briar Rose Fibers Lacy Cable Shrug, knit with their 100% wool dk weight yarn, Fourth of July. The shrug is like a shawl, but not. The two long sleeves makes this piece stay in place when it's worn. I may have a hard time explaining this garment to the Man. He didn't understand the poncho, either. Note to self: find other clothes and an Event worthy of this piece.