Monday, September 24, 2007

What Would Tim Gunn Say?

Here's a bit of Chicago style that I don't get. The rubber flip-flop, that you can get in the dollar store, worn in places other than the beach. I see this all over the city, on women and men, and don't understand why someone would only want one half inch of rubber between their foot and filthy city street. I've also gotten a flash of what's happening on the bottom of flip-flop feet, and it's disgusting, people! I'm in flip flop slippers here after a pedicure. As soon as that nail polish cures, it's back to proper foot wear for me. I find that little piece of fabric between my toes irritating, too. I'm sure Mr. Tim Gunn would agree with me. He was on Martha Stewart today. For those of you with cable in Chicago, I found that yesterday's Martha is repeated on the Fine Living Channel at 7 and 11 pm. It was a very happy discovery for me.
The project is my second attempt at the Justina skirt from the Norah Gaughan #1 Berroco book. There's an eyelet row, and the row following that didn't line up for me right. So, I attempted to do my own k2 tog, yo thing, and ended up losing a lot of stitches with the decreases. I started over. Norah's on Ravelry, and I may summon up the guts to ask her about these maneuvers when I get back there. This may have the possiblity of ending up in the "hibernating" pile, because now I can't find the book! The yarn I'm using is some Maratona I bought on sale a few years ago. I really like the blue-grey color. I'm finishing up a few garments, too. Also, about to get started on two custom dog sweaters. I always get a custom order when I'm working on a lot of personal stuff!


Sheri said...

Oops, I'm a guilty one. I live in flip flops. I own every color flip flops that are made. When it's as hot out as it is around here my feet just can't stand to be in shoes. I also have extremely flat feet and flip flops just make them really happy.
Sheri in GA

sweetfigs said...

Amen on the flip flops being a bad idea in the city. When I wear sandals, I can't wait to get home to wash my feet!

sweetfigs said...

P.S. Nice fall color on those toes. :)

sturdygirl said...

i don't seem to have a dirty foot problem with flip-flops...maybe if they're too small for your feet that happens more.

LOVE the shrug, btw! you are about to push me over the edge with Briar Rose. :)