Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Empty Rooms

The new accessory at the Lucky Penny household: ear plugs. A fine solution unless I need to hear something, like the smoke detector going off. This is the living room of one of the apartments I looked at, and with the exception of not having a dishwasher and a tight parking situation, was really the best. The rooms were huge, except the kitchen. The owner was especially proud of the sconces, which he said had a vintage, art deco flavor. Not so much, in my opinion. We would have had a new bathroom with top of the line fixtures, and room for a king size bed if we wanted. The Lucky Penny workroom would have been enormous. The apartment was in a place on the building where there would be a minimum amount of noise from the other renters, and little contact in the common areas. There is not a yard for Piccolo, but our yard is kind of off limits to us now. As is the laundry room. I committed the sin of moving dry laundry out of the dryer (that had been there for more than a day) to do a load of my own. The former tenants and I moved each other's laundry all the time, if one of us had not promptly removed it. It had never been offensive up until now. So, tonight I was at the laundromat.
We looked at an apartment on Sunday night, where the landlady wanted a full month's amount rent besides the regular security deposit, for Piccolo. She said that if Piccolo peed just once on the floor, they would need to be completely resurfaced. The Man ran from there about ten minutes before I finished looking at the apartment. Gidget had kidney failure, and peed on these floors hundreds of times, and the hardwood looks no different. I guess Piccolo must pee hydrochloric acid. I looked at a very nice apartment, with a beautifully remodeled kitchen, owned by a very nice lesbian couple. We would be comfortable there, but I'm concerned that not all my furniture would fit. All have been declined by the man because of the price. I'm so frustrated that I could scream. Besides that, the work and show schedules (5 in 6 weeks) mean that I won't be able to resume the search until after November 4th.
In happier news, I discovered that Doggie Knits is available for pre-order on Amazon!


sweetfigs said...

You may want to try posting an Apt Wanted ad on Chicago's Craigslist. We find our tenants that way, instead of posting a For Rent listing, so that we can be picky about who comes to look at the place. We don't want just any body to come around, trying to it rent it from us.

Corinne said...

That's how I found two out of the three I looked at. I'll post another when I can start looking again.

Kniterella said...

Sorry for the apt. hunting troubles and hopes that the perfect one shows up soon.

Woooohooo - Doggie Knits!