Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Can Committ

I love the project that I can wear. I sometimes imagine the scenario that I would be wearing the garment in. It's usually a lot more exciting that what actually takes place in my real life. For example, I could totally see knitting my wedding dress, if there was ever going to be one in my real life. I imagine wearing this garment on the Five Mile Round Trip Book Tour. It's the Rannoch Dress from the latest Rowan, number 42. In the magazine it's shown with fair isle sleeves, or without, like a jumper. Which is really a long vest, right? I was totally obsessed with the idea of knitting it with Briar Rose Fourth of July, so I just had to get some at the Wisconsin Fiber Festival. By the artificial light of the Lucky Penny Studio, it looks a little camo, but in daylight, chocolate browns, grey, green, and a hint of a pink. I'll have a lot of choice when it comes to selecting color for underneath. This project is a lot of knitting, even without sleeves. That seed stitch skirt. I'm hoping to gear up for another big project next month, the Bohus Forest Darkness sweater that's been on my mind for a few months.
I had another set of critical eyes take a look at that other big commitment, the one that's been working for a few years, and I'm feeling better about it. Thanks, my friend.


Chris said...

Corinne! your work is just so beautiful! I hope you have much success with your new book. You could promote it here in Grand Rapids at all of our yarn shops and stay with me! I know what you mean about being overhelmed sometimes. I just tell myself....breath....breath

Corinne said...

Chris--you are such a sweetheart!
If I come to GR, I'll wear the dress.