Monday, October 08, 2007

Lady and Little Dog in Search of a Home

We've lived here on Carmen Ave. for five years. Until last week, there was a loud couple, younger than us, in the duplex upstairs. We have a little, one floor apartment. Now there are people upstairs that make me wish the others were still here. Here's a list of the infractions in one week:
1. Security. Apparently their keys to the back door won't work, so their answer was to just leave the back door open all the time. Telling the landlord didn't occur to them, because I'm the one who did so today. I don't know what the excuse is for leaving the garage open, but we've found it that way a few times.
2. Smoking. Heavier smokers that the couple before. Piccolo is finding cigarette butts in the back yard to sniff. I've found my grill being used as an ashtray. And the nagging little headache I get when I inhale some second hand smoke, which is prevalent on the back porch. Tonight my entire apartment smells like we're smoking.
3. Noise. Of course, being a duplex, the television has to be set up right above my bedroom/living room area. And kept on loud. When I went up to ask for the volume to be turned down, he could not hear me over the TV, after turning it down when I knocked on the door. I believe some furniture is also arranged as a barricade to the front door (good idea in case of a fire), as the man couldn't open front door to speak to me. I know it's not a modesty thing, because he had no reservations coming to my door the other day without a shirt. This morning? Loud TV again. I guess it doesn't occur that the third floor might be a better arrangement for the loud. I was on deadline for my book, and left for the library so I would have a quiet place to think. This should not be happening in what's supposed to be my home. Here's the irony--apparently, these people asked the landlord if I was quiet.
4. Many Unruly Children. Add this to the noise mix. I don't know how many, the landlords were told two that aren't on the premises always, but the Man saw more. They spend all day running back and forth on my ceiling, up and down the back stairs, and slamming doors. There's one who screams. They go to bed late. Last night there was pumpkin carving in the back yard, and the guts were discarded into the trash can in the alley, left open in 80 degree heat. I was greeted by hundreds of flies this morning when I took out the trash.

Already I've had a fight with the Man over this. He is the oldest of seven children, and I always imagine that he grew up with the loud and unruly. Noise doesn't bother him. He's an ex smoker who isn't bothered in the least by second hand smoke. He thinks I should not have asked them to turn down the loud. He doesn't understand how unhappy it makes me when he chooses the comfort of others over mine. I've called my landlord to tell them how unhappy I am. Piccolo senses the unhappy, too. This morning I found pee in the house after taking her outside. I need to start looking for a new place. I'm not going to tell the Man. The last time I moved, the Man didn't come with, and joined me a few months later. I fear that this scenario will repeat itself.


BertandFelix said...


So sorry to hear your problems with your neighbors. That is the worst! I have some issues with mine too but nothing like that.

I would keep buggin the landlord...and keep track of everything especially if you have to break a lease. Also, do you think they are running a daycare up there? Sounds like it.

On a cheery note...your Rowan dress is looking great! Iam going to start that too!

Angela said...

Hey there. I was at an arts marketing education session today, and the marketing person from Victory Gardens was presenting a case study of an event they did, the Mini Maxwell Street evening. He mentioned working with the Chicago Craft Mafia which, he said, "makes really cool things like knitting and crochet including dog sweaters!" He didn't mention Lucky Penny by name, but it clearly made an impression on him! I thought that was great. Hope the apt. stuff works out. We had some stressful issues in our former condo and it can be so unsettling.

Corinne said...

Yes, that was me at the Mini Maxwell event. Re: the household situation, a nurse at work says that this type of situation can make people ill. Let's see what my blood pressure is when I see the doctor tomorrow!