Monday, October 22, 2007

On Looking for a Home

We went on another getaway to Wisconsin this weekend. The Man said he wanted to keep me away from all the noise and activity here at the apartment. On Saturday, we found the little town that I want to call home: Lake Mills, Wisconsin. A lovely little town square with a park and a gazebo. Beautiful homes, some ginormous, on Rock Lake. Everybody that I saw walking on the streets had a big smile. Of course they would. They lived in the most adorable town on earth. The location is perfect, too! About twenty minutes from Madison, or a hour from Milwaukee if you needed some city life. One day. We'll get there. In the meantime, I have to put the apartment hunt on hold for a few weeks. I'm leaving in three days for a show in Ann Arbor, and I have another show the following weekend. I almost looked at an apartment today, but I called the owner right before, and told him that I thought it would be best not to waste his time. The place looked promising on Craig's list. The address posed some real parking issues, (like, lack of. totally) and safety issues for Piccolo. The problem is, nothing has said home to me yet. The Man is on board with the plan now, I think. Here's the situation: I'm really the head of this household. I take care of Piccolo and the Man. If I'm unhappy, it all falls apart.
The sweater is the custom piece knit with Briar Rose Fibers Collette, which, sadly, has been discontinued. Don't look for it, because I purchased everything Chris had left. Lucky, and not lucky for me that the yarn I like best for my own things now appears to be preferred by my customers. I guess it's just a testimony to how special these colors are, and how they draw you in.