Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Should Have Known Better

I found what I thought would be the solution last night on Craig's list. Quiet, non-smokers preferred. Two bedrooms. The rent, surprisingly cheap. Which makes me think that the place we're "staying in" has become not a bargain. The only pet they will accept is cats. I drive by, and the location is ideal. I think that perhaps I can negotiate Piccolo acceptance. The apartment has been empty for a few months, and the rent's been lowered.
Me: "I was wondering, how firm are you about cats only? I have an older, ten pound dog." (meaning: smaller than lots of cats)
Her: "Well, I think the smaller the dog, the bigger the noise. Does your dog bark all day?"
Me: "When I'm home with her during the day, she sleeps. I'm pretty sure she's sleeping during the day when we're out. I can't promise that she won't bark occasionally." (My own opinion is that cats can be louder than dogs)
Her: "My other tenants are sensitive about this."
I can commend her for this, because my own landlords didn't consider me at all when they rented to the nightmare upstairs. I knew my effort was dead in the water when she said this:
"If it becomes a problem, are you willing to get rid of it?
So, Piccolo's alleged infractions to date:
1. Barks all day.
2. Pees hydrochloric acid.
This situation is so far out of my control, I don't know if I'm going to scream or burst into tears.


sweetfigs said...

Just tell her yes, and take the apartment. Little Miss (Hydrochloric) P is not a barker.

BertandFelix said...

Let me tell you...Bert...my cat...can howl. AND both Bert and Felix chase each other...seen it and I am sure it happens when I am gone for the day. Don't understand what the difference would be between a small dog and 2 very active cats. Oh, and let me tell you...if they miss the litter box...I am sure cat pee is much more difficult to get up than dog.

You will find a place and it will be spectacular!!

Corinne said...

Taking that place would be out of the question. I think that referring to Piccolo as "it" really killed it for me. She couldn't make one false move in that place. I just hope that that apartment stays open all winter! That lady really messed up.