Friday, April 25, 2008

Note to Self: Buy Margaritas

I'm a working class girl. While I may be a yarn and fabric snob, in other ways I'm pretty easy to please. I like that pre-mixed Jose Cuervo margarita that you can buy in a big bottle. So nice to have it chilled. In the back of the refrigerator to take the edge off a day like today. With controversy at work that really makes me pause to think about what else I could do. I'm a little behind with work because of the family vacation, so I'll have an abbreviated weekend, because I need to work more, and still might not be caught up. My weekend will include taking my sewing machine in to be repaired. I oiled it last night, and got a few seams in, but then the motor worked extra hard and then froze again. My phone consultation with the shop does not have me hopeful. With a machine this old, replacement parts might not be available.
Have I ever mentioned what the Man does for a living? He's a low voltage electrician. He calls his trade "intercometry." I actually met him when he came to my condo building to repair our system. He had a few employees, and mostly directed them to job sites, and hung out at his favorite coffee shops. The economy and having one employee deported means that he has to do the hands on work more. Yesterday, at one building, his remaining employee told a resident that he was not fixing her alarm system that day. The woman burst into tears. Today, the Man found out that she was so upset because another resident of the building had been murdered.
Let's all have a drink, shall we?
In anticipation of the publication of Doggie Knits, I'm resurrecting some photos from our shoot in March 2006. Sort of to save you all from going to the archives, if you've just joined our story recently. This is Teddy, who was the top winning Cairn Terrier in the history of the breed. Between takes, Teddy would search the studio for mice. Fortunately, none were found. I don't relish the thought of a cute little dog ripping the head off a mouse. Teddy lives with Bee, the dog on my cover, in California. I must say, I do have a fondness for a fold over turtleneck. I think it finishes off a sweater just right, and holds in body heat.


Kim said...

Honestly, I think the pre-mixed Jose Cuervo margaritas are fantastic...and portable!

BertandFelix said...

Hey, a beer is fine with me...but I am a cheap date.

Teddy is soooo cute! I would love to get a dog but I am afraid of Felix. He is not a dog lover.

rita said...

My Pookie was half Lhasa, half Cairn, but her personality was all Cairn. When she was a year or two old, she caught a mouse behind my tv set (didn't tear it apart, just killed it and left it), but for the rest of her 16 years, every time I said "Pookie! A mouse!" she ran to the tv and looked behind it. Good times, good times. Great dog. I miss her.