Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So it seems that I've had at least 500 things to say about my studio life with Piccolo and the Man. This milestone sort of creeped up on me, or I would have planned some type of celebration of sorts.
This is a sweater that I used some bulky weight yarn for an experiment. It's Briar Rose Fibers Beth Ann, now discontinued. Malabrigo Chunky would work well for this, too. Sort of a little project for that next book.
I'm working on finishing some vests, and I'm knitting a pair of gloves for my darling nephew, who will be working on the Norwegian Cruise Line to Alaska for the summer. I was going to make them fingerless until the cruise line and route changed to cold. I would love to see Alaska, but I'm sure I couldn't convince the Man to come along. He hates to be cold. I love it. Ensconce me in wool! This is my first pair of knitted gloves, and let me tell you, they are fun to knit, and fast. Of course I want to knit more.
I'm having some wardrobe issues with a trip I'm making next week. I'll be live on the floor of the Columbus Convention Center, at the TNNA trade show. A book signing on Saturday, and one on Sunday. My debut. I'm clueless about what to wear to look professional, but arty.
For those of you who pre-ordered Doggie Knits from a US book seller, I would imagine that you'll have it soon. Many of the sites show it as being in stock. It's a great value, I must say, for the amount of projects in it. Cheap, but not cheaply made. I often buy a book and then never make something from it. Usually it's when the photography, the look of the publication draws me in. I hope that's what people will feel about this book. I love David's photography!

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