Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm The Mom of This

I've tried for years to get the Man on board with this. I'm the Mom of Piccolo. Oh yes, I am. I must admit, that I love taking care of her, and also love taking care of the Man. I love that they need me. As much as the Man may deny it, he does. It was a cold and blustery day today, perfect for staying in and watching old movies and knitting. Perfect for Mother's day--Mildred Pierce, with my favorite, Joan Crawford. Tonight I made a Shepherd's Pie with leftover stuff from the refrigerator and freezer, with sauteed leeks and ground beef. Tasty, stick to your ribs type of comfort food.
I finished the top this weekend for Piccolo's quilt, and I love it. It will be sent out for quilting and binding. I have my eye on a quilt texture on the long arm computer program that's in the shape of dogs--just right for the little quilt. I'm finally able to get my cd slot to open on the computer, so photos will be forthcoming, finally! The Man thinks I'm nuts for making one for her. I showed him the one that I'm working on for our bed. "Simple" was his comment. It's strip sets, cut and sewn into random color arrangements. Picture of it to follow soon. The Man made the observation that I appear to have a few quilt tops going at one time. The count right now is three. Seems that I have some ADD with quilting, too.
I need to get moving on a commission project that I agreed to do for a friend--a lace stole, in the most heavenly blue faced leicester. It will be so nice to have that luscious fiber running through my fingers.
I'm getting an advance copy of Doggie Knits on Tuesday!

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