Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I was still knitting stuff during all this quilty business. I finished this pair before I left for Boston last month. These vests were for a production of A Comedy of Errors at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. All I can say is, not my vision. I charted the mirror image thunderbolts from a designer's rendering. The designer chose four different yarns for intarsia knitting. Not the best idea. At least they were all wool, I was concerned that they would have thrown a cotton in there. They were just choosing yarn for color, unfortunately. I think the saving grace is that these are on stage, and not under close scrutiny. I was able to finish on time because the backs are plain knitting, and I did them on my knitting machine. I actually find this type of knitting challenging and interesting, and wish I was asked to do it more often.
I would love to get asked to make a dog sweater for a movie or stage costume. That would be the best, the ultimate.

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Kim said...

I tried to adjust the color setting on my laptop! Great job, I think they will look great on stage.