Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Prettiest Things in My Home

This is the quilt I made a few months ago in my beginning class at Quiltology. I pieced the top, and the quilting and binding were done "by checkbook." I was inspired to choose this pattern (Sunshine and Shadow) and colors after staying up late and watching a show called "Fun Shui" on HGTV. Diamonds are supposed to bring fame, and I think the reds are supposed to bring fortune. Let's see if that happens!
The quilt is really fun to make. You cut fabric into strips, sew strips together, and then cross cut the strip sets to assemble the quilt. I should take a photo of the back. It's a really pretty toile-like print of big peacocks or something. I thought the print was too pretty to cut up into little bits for the top. I think the back of a quilt should be interesting, too.
There's a mirror on one side of this room that I didn't like, but now with the quilt on the (new leather) sofa, when I look out from the kitchen, I see the reflection of the quilt. Now I like that I have a mirror!


Kim said...

Beautiful! You seem much happier since quilting again.

rita said...

The dog, the quilt, and the sofa, made for each other.

I started a quilt 32 years ago, finished about 1/3 of it (actually, the quilt is finished to the point that I've hand-quilted 1/3 of it) and will never touch it again. I just lost the fever.

My grandmother and I put together and hand-quilted 4 that her mother had started piecing. Now those are heirlooms, and each of us girls has one. I also made baby quilts for my two nephews. But I'll never go back to the original one.