Monday, June 09, 2008

Avoided Hell

I'm back from the Big Show, but just barely. Lovely religious billboards on the highway coming and going (Hell is Real on the way, Avoid Hell Repent Accept Jesus on the return) to put a little fear in you. I knew that I didn't belong there! There was rain coming down so hard on the way home, that I couldn't see in front of me, at 60+ mph. With a huge truck bearing down on me. I seriously didn't know if I would make it. Back to an oven temperature apartment because the Man had some lame excuse for not using the air at all when I was away, and the temperature in Chicago was in the 90's. Can you tell I'm still a little on edge?
I'll post about the weekend when I cool off.
This is Pica in the Shadow Sweater, from Doggie Knits. A holographic stripe/check effect using shadow knitting technique.


Kim said...

My copy of your book arrived last weekend - yay! I am so happy for you and LOVE your book.

BertandFelix said...

I am glad you are home. Ya, that part of the country...well....not for me either. I am going to hell anyway and just don't want to be reminded of it...I like to live in the moment.

rita said...

What IS it with men??? We've only been married 2.5 years and Tom has owned the house for 10 years and didn't put a/c in. Lots of ceiling fans, but no a/c. The ducts are all there with the heat pump, but he didn't want to spend the extra for a/c.

I've been lobbying for a unit for our bedroom (menopause hit me with the hot stick). I didn't think he'd ever go for it; he's always cold (I'll be wearing shorts and a t-shirt and he'll be wearing a knit hat while wrapped in a blanket). But last night we stopped at Costco and he casually picked one up.

Cute doggie, cute sweater!