Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just Be Nice

Internet forums are sometimes tricky to navigate. I posted some notices for my Arcadia book signing on some Ravelry groups I don't belong to. I targeted groups for dog breeds that are represented in my book. One such posting got an interesting response. A comment about how difficult it must have been to get a sweater on that particular dog, and how the dog must have been drugged to accomplish it. Because, looking at a one inch square avatar, she determined that the dog's eyes looked glassy. Intrigued by what type of person would leave such a snarky comment, I read the profile, which included many forum postings. Including one about how she uses a zap collar on her dog. Just like Jesus would want her to do, as I also discovered that she belongs to a Christian group on the site. Maybe it's because I'm not religious, I'm having a little disconnect here. Cruelty to animals, and being Christian?
I think forums are a place where people can just pile on to some negative comments. I think that Ravelry forums have destroyed some businesses, and I've seen some personalities get eviscerated on the site. I can't imagine that it was the intention of the creators of Ravelry. But people must think that the internet provides some sort of anonymity that they can say whatever they want. I don't think so. It is public. If you're a freak, it will be exposed. Perhaps people should keep some proclivities to themselves. Jesus would want you to.
Another look at Piccolo in the Oh Canada stole. I love seeing my dog in knitwear. I'm a freak that way.

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