Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Love Affair Continues

I'm having fun uploading my patterns and photos to Ravelry.  The photo shoot was over two years ago, and it brings back pleasant memories of the lovely dogs that participated.  This is Skye, a border collie that lives with David's friend Diane.  He's beautiful, and was so good.  This experience is like seeing the photos with a fresh eye, and falling in love again.
The pattern is Big Penny from Doggie Knits.  It's like the original Penny sweater, only upsized with back shaping.  The ribbed body makes it an easy fit for many big dogs.  I knit this sample with Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky, color Prairie Fire.
I'm thinking about August, and all the fiber events coming up.  I'm booked for Stitches Midwest, in a few classes.  But, I'm re-thinking going to the Michigan Fiber Festival the weekend before.  The Man may have a family event, and won't be able to go.  It's one of the highlights of our summer travel schedule.  The alternative would be to book a seat on the bus that's sponsored by my guild, if one still remains.  Over five hours of knitting time during the travel back and forth is appealing.  Being a captive of someone else's schedule is not.  If it's hot that weekend, I especially wouldn't want to spend many hours there.  I'm kind of leaning towards staying home if the Man isn't going.

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BertandFelix said...

Is the Michigan Fiber Festival worth going? Humm....I could drive.