Monday, July 28, 2008

The World Turns, The Wheels Spin

I'm lost in a whirlwind of activity that is the last few days of the month at my pay the bills job. Somehow lost most of the day driving the Man out to a remote job site, and then waiting for him. So, now I'm really behind. I just need to get it together to make it to Saturday.
Lots of projects going on in here. I'm also lost in a fragrant mass of Briar Rose Fibers, making two sweaters, and one wrap using the pattern above. It's the Lyubi (loo-bee, in Russian, means love!) blanket from Doggie Knits, Sweaters and Accessories for Your Best Friend. I was told by Karen at Knit 1 that a customer who doesn't have a dog purchased the book to make this blanket for a wrap. We have it displayed on a mannequin there that way.

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