Sunday, July 27, 2008

What People Like

I've sold books at one show, and now I'm gradually posting the patterns on Ravelry.  This one gets tagged as a favorite more, so far.  There's also a hat in the book, that I've posted to the blog a few times, that gets a big reponse, as well.  Is it a coincidence that after the patterns started appearing on Ravelry, my Amazon stats went up? 
Here's what's happening in the studio right now--there's some trunk show at Arcadia Knitting, and next week, part of the trunk show will be at Knitting Workshop, in anticipation of the Doggie Knits fit clinic that will happen on Saturday, September 6.  A good fit is key to the sweater project being successful.

At the Lucky Penny headquarters, I've dived into the new Briar Rose aquired at last weekend's event.  I took a quilt binding lesson at Quiltology, and just need to do the tedious hand sewing to finish Piccolo's quilt.  I also decided that a little quilt intended to use as a wall hanging was not going to be successful with my attempt at machine quilting.  It won't cost that much to have a professional quilt it, so I'm carefully picking out what I've done.  Some of the stitching got really small, so it's sort of going slow.

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