Tuesday, July 22, 2008

She's a Good Dog

It started last week when I picked her up from a grooming.  We had to find a new one when Sandy moved away, so this was Piccolo's second time with a new one.  I was a little apprehensive because I didn't know how Piccolo would adjust.  Diana, our new groomer, says that Piccolo is the nicest Pekingese she's ever seen.  I've been thinking a lot about how much she adds to my life.  It's hard to be down about things when Piccolo is strutting down our street, ears back, and tail up, with so much confidence, sometimes holding a squeaky toy in her mouth.  She's become better about meeting other dogs, and funny girl, she will try to antagonize dogs that aren't so friendly.  A dog on the first floor of our building is crazy, and would eat Piccolo given the chance.  Piccolo likes to stand on the landing in front of that dog's door to make her nuts.  I love that when I'm laying on the sofa, Piccolo will jump up to lay on me for cuddling, and some face licking.   She is the perfect size for a nice squeeze. 
I dropped more sweaters off at the Streeterville Pet Spa this morning, and now there's hardly any Lucky Penny inventory left!  Doesn't this happen every year?
The other July thing that happens besides my finances, seems to be physical issues.  Last year it was blood pressure.  This July it seems I am contained in my own personal summer.  It could be a few things.  First, our apartment is always about thirty degrees warmer than any outside temperature, even with windows open.  Last night, I slept without bed clothes, with a bag of ice under my head.  The heat could be my level of thyroid hormone, which I've taken for fourteen years.  This is the first time in ten years that the dosage has been adjusted down, which I completely don't understand.  Any thyroid tissue left after my surgery has burned itself out long ago, so my thinking is that the dosage of hormone would have to be adjusted up.  The third reason could be, well, I am fifty.  It is like the heat starts up at my head, and the sweat pours down.  I have what feels like some hot spots on my body, mostly my lower legs. 
Does everyone live with a man who takes his pants off when he's home?  Mine sits on a big pillow on our sofa in his underwear.  I put that pillow under my head this evening, and it smelled like stinky ass.  I told the Man he couldn't sit on the pillow any more.  He said that he would change his underwear.  How long have you been wearing it?  He couldn't say.  His method for changing underwear is to look at them, and if they look okay, he puts them back on.  Never mind he has about thirty pounds of underwear in this apartment.
It's in the sixties outside my apartment now, and I would like nothing better than an icy cold drink, and to shave my head.  Also to dry the little bead of sweat forming on my upper lip.


Kim said...

My friend, you make me smile. So sorry to hear you are feeling hot. I am willing to chip in for a new pillow of your very own! ; )

rita said...

Yes, my husband takes his pants off as soon as we get home. He sits on a towel on our leather couch. Leather. In the summer.

As for personal summers, mine started in 1991 and is just now easing up a bit, although I still can't wear turtlenecks, or even sweaters of any kind. I wish you much luck and a much shorter timeframe. I'm now 56, and it started when I was 38.

rita said...

P.S. My niece is a groomer, and a good one at that! She opened her own salon in December and was immediately a success. Move down here!