Monday, August 11, 2008

Piccolo Ate Olive Garden

A glimpse of a typical weekend with the Lucky Penny family:
12:15 pm:  I make a comment to the Man about all the stuff he's emptied out of his pockets on our bed.  I take his share of the rent money from the pile.
12:30 pm:  We leave for the weekend, stopping first at one of our favorite coffee shops
1:15 pm:  The Man realizes that he has no cash with him, and left all of it on our bed.  I use the cash I had taken from the bed to pay the check.  We head back to the apartment to pick up the cash.
1:45 pm:  On the way home, we stop for gas, and realize that the fan for the car isn't working.  The Man takes it down to his mechanic near Wrigley Field, right before a game starts.  The mechanic can't diagnose the problem.  The fan starts working again.
3:30 pm:  We leave for Wisconsin.  This is our typical scenario for weekend travel.  Take our time leaving, usually have some surprises, and have no real plan or destination in mind.  Often we end up in Madison, probably because there are more possibilities of finding a room.
At around 7 pm, we hit Madison.  We did not have a good experience last time with our hotel, or favorite Mexican restaurant.  This time everything was different.  Stayed in a cheap motel, which I must confess was the quietest one we've been in a long time, and ate near a shopping mall on a side of town where we had never been before.  At around 10 pm, feeling guilty about not settling into a room and feeding Piccolo, I gave her a leftover meatball from Olive Garden, before we went into a Barnes and Noble that I thought had my book in stock (information that it was in stock came from Barnes and Noble web site).  I've never had the experience of actually seeing my book waiting on a bookshelf in a bookstore, and wanted to photograph the experience.  No book found.  Hopefully that means that they have been purchased.  When we returned to the car, we found that Piccolo had gotten the left over box out from under the seat, and had eaten the chicken parmesan, and lasagne.  She had no interest in the dog food that I served to her later that night.

I finally finished the binding on Piccolo's quilt.  I love it.  I'm not done making quilts for her, I think.  You'll likely see more shots of this one on the blog.

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rita said...

I cast on my Agnes sweater last night from two acrylics and a fun fur from my box of Yorkie yarn. It's really looking great; I never would have thought of combining these colors if I hadn't read your book! It's knitting up really fast, too.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!