Saturday, August 09, 2008

Grownups at Play

We're off to Wisconsin again, and I thought I woud leave you with a shot of my super adorable nephew on his 22nd birthday taking a hike in Alaska.  He's on a Norweigian Line cruise ship that leaves from Seattle.  Eric is a musician, and is on the ship until November.  I found this photo of him on Facebook, one of my new playgrounds.  It's funny to see that I have nine friends on the site, and Eric has 400+. 
One of the Facebook applications that I have is Pokey, a site that lets you adopt a virtual puppy.  You have to feed, water, and play with your puppy to earn points.  The points can be used to purchase more food, beds, and environments for the puppy.  Some of the features I find a little off-putting.  For example, one of the environments is a junkyard.  I have an issue with that.  You can "upgrade" your free puppy to a premium puppy with points earned or purchased.  I have an issue with upgrading a pet, even a virtual one.

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