Thursday, August 07, 2008


This was my big idea.  I was going to do my own machine quilting on this little piece, the In and Out by Blue Underground Studios.  This is the same pattern I used for Piccolo's quilt.  The fabrics are Kaffe Fassett, except for two little surprise scraps left from my Urban Amish quilt.  My back is this really cool target print.  I had the notion of doing an echo quilting thing with the targets.  It looked just awful.  My stitches were uneven, and it was hard to follow the circles, even big ones.  When I got Piccolo's quilt back, and saw how inexpensive it was to have her little piece quilted, I very carefully picked out every one of my stitches, and yesterday, dropped it off at Quiltology.  I'll use the little quilt as a wall hanging in my living room or studio.  I have this desire to hang a lot of little quilts in here as art.
I'm thinking about putting together a blog tour for Doggie Knits.  I have some ideas about who I want to ask to be on the tour, but if anyone wants to volunteer to participate, that would be great.  I'm thinking sometime in September.


Laura said...

I'm one of those handquilters, but I do agree that having it done professionally gives you awesome results.

I don't have a ton of traffic, but you are welcome to stop by my blog! We're very dog(sweater) friendly. :)

rita said...

How cool! You're welcome to come by my blog any time.

I pulled out your book last night (got home from vacation last week) and picked out some yarn for the Agnes Sweater. It's for the United Yorkie Rescue group, but my little Zippy will get one eventually! I love the idea of having the neck big enough for any head!