Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From the Archives

If you're late to this party, and know something about the goings on in Geneva, Switzerland, here's some Lucky Penny knitted memoribilia that you might find interesting.  This is a sweater that I knit in 2006 for the cover of Symmetry magazine, for an article about the Large Hadron Collider.  Knit from the top down in front, so it would look like a sweater being knit to the non-knitting scientist type reader.  I made the chart using a Fiestaware dinner plate, and worked it upside down.  I think that the sweater is in the possession of some Fermilab executive now.  I wonder if it gets worn.  It's a sweater only a particle physicist could love.

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Laura said...

Great to see that sweater again. Let's hope that someone wore it at the pajama party at Fermilab last week!