Monday, September 08, 2008

Love Love Love

David is the photographer of Doggie Knits, and a long time friend of mine. When we were working on the book, I could tell that he was aching to have a dog of his own. He had made inquiries, which led him to his friend Trish, whose dog is on the book cover. David lived for many years in an apartment that would not allow him to adopt a pet. A few months ago, he bought a house, and now his dream has come true! This is three year old Gracie, a black and tan Norwich terrier, adoption facilitated by Trish. She's Piccolo sized, so perfect for cuddling. I am so happy for him. Oh my gosh, his life is going to change. In a good way, the best way.
There's things I want to make for them. Besides a sweater, I'm itching to do another dog quilt.

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Laura said...

How adorable! I'm reminded of the bonus footage on Best in Show. At the end they sing a song all about the Norwich Terrier. Awesome.