Friday, October 31, 2008

Animal Emergency

This is the kind of day when I wish that Lucky Penny was able to support the household. Last night, I came home from quilt class to find Piccolo trembling, and moving tentatively. I made a call, and was advised to bring her in to the emergency vet. One x-ray, and a couple hundred dollars later, we have a diagnosis of disc disease, a week's worth of muscle relaxant, and instructions to keep her inactive for three weeks. Today, she's resting on a pillow, and whimpers a little if I move her the wrong way. It sucks that today I have a work deadline.
I missed a lot of gory action when I was in the exam room with her last night. We didn't see the arrival of a chihuahua that had been hit by a car, or the two terriers that killed a rat (that fought back) in their back yard. The terrier owners marveled at how quickly the bloody mess from the dogs was cleaned from the waiting area. I guess that's what terriers do with rats, but the image horrifies me.
The good news is that demand for Lucky Penny sweaters is increasing, at least locally. I have to add more to the Streeterville Pet Spa stock, which leaves me at a shortage for the DIY Trunk Show that is about three weeks away.


Kim said...

Aw - get well hugs for Piccolo. It's hard when our suppport structures don't feel well.

One of our terriers - Lucy - grabbed a mole, shook it really good and threw it over the street. That is what terriers do and it isn't very lady-like!

So happy demand is up. Darby and Lucy are excited that it will be cold enough to wear their Lucky Penny's soon.

Laura said...

Poor baby! Hope she gets better soon! Dobby and I have spent our time at the ER vet, too. So stressful.

Laiane said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Piccolo! Such a sweet little dog.

Fiona said...

I do sympathise, and I hope Piccolo makes a good recovery. Our cocker spaniel had this exact same problem diagnosed last month, it was very difficult keeping her immobilised but it has paid off as she is now much improved. I'm knitting her a Penny sweater to keep her warm!

rita said...

Lots of warm and healing hugs to Piccolo, and to you too. When my baby whimpers, I want to curl up and die.

I had a Lhasa/terrier mix who was death on mice. To be truthful, she chased and killed one, and for the rest of her life, if I happened to yell, "Pookie, a MOUSE!" she'd run behind the tv to try to kill it.