Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Financial Times

The Man and I have a routine for the Wisconsin adventures.  On our way out of town, we stop at a coffee shop near the expressway.  I made the comment a few weeks ago that even with travel down because of the economy (the place is across the street from a Holiday Inn), that place would still do a good business,  it appears that the patrons were local, and the restaurant was busy.  We're actually getting to be regulars there, along with another place on Lincoln Ave. in the city.  Serving Matzo ball soup seems to be a requirement.  Last Saturday, when we were at our place, I noticed a sign that said the restaurant would be closing at 3 pm every day.  We asked our waitress about it.  She told us that many people who worked there, some for decades, were now out of work.  Welcome to the new economy. 
I shouldn't say this, but I've felt that my job was relatively safe.  I can't imagine that any one else would want to drive down to some dicey neighborhoods to work in not the best conditions.  So much for the glamorous life of a published author.  But, the dollar doesn't go as far, so I'm trying to be more careful about what gets consumed.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that my ten year old vehicle with 177, 000+ miles keeps running.  One expense every month that won't be given up is Piccolo's grooming.  It's one of the reasons why she looks so remarkable.  It's nice that a dog that gets cuddled all the time smells good, too.  Wearing sweaters when she goes out also helps with keeping her clean.
Piccolo actually uses the quilt I made for her.  It was such a satisfying project to make, that another one, a kind of mother/daughter thing, if you will, is in the works.  Once I download my camera card, I'll show the one I made for David's dog. 
Off to knit down my stash.........................

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