Monday, October 20, 2008

It Wasn't a Pom Pom

Last week, after quilt class, I went into my second bedroom, reserved as my guest/lady room, to change clothes.  I had left a few clothes on the floor.  I noticed a tiny grey pom pom on top of the clothes.  When I took a closer look, I saw that the little pom pom had a tail.  I called for the Man to come and take a look.  The creature was the cutest little thing, sleeping, curled up on the clothes, like it was a pet.  I'm horrified that it would be so comfortable in the Lucky Penny mousehousehold.  It didn't wake up until the man had scooped it into a box.  If the Man was not so comfortable here, I would be moving again.  The last few months have been all about traps, repelling with scent, removing food sources, and now, poison.  Since these bastards can eat the bait off a trap without springing it, I've come to the decision that poison is going to be the only thing on the menu.  To say that I'm furious with the negligent landlady is an understatement.  I had a conversation with Vito's mom next door, who has a house, and she has them, as do four of her friends in four different neighbohoods in the city.  Chicago needs a Pied Piper, right now!

When we were away for the weekend, I had a terrible dream that I had lost Piccolo, and people around me were saying that Piccolo had chosen to be separated from me, and would go to another home if she was found.   In my dream I had imagined her afraid, and wondering where I was.  I woke up, relieved to be awake, so the dream would be over.  When I fell asleep again, I picked up the dream where I had left off.  I just changed my cell phone number, and need to update Piccolo's i.d. tags with the new number.  Must accomplish that this week.

This little sweater was knit by Katherine as a donation for the Almost Home Foundation.  The Gidget Hoodie from Doggie Knits, done in soft, soft Malabrigo worsted.

Doggie Knits is on the road--without me!  Catch the trunk show at I'd Rather Be Knitting Yarn Studio in Long Grove, IL.  114 Old McHenry Rd., (847) 634-YARN.  It will be there though the end of October.


Kim said...

Love the sweater!

A commercial for a new type of mouse trap was on last week - it is completely enclosed and once the mouse goes in the little hole, the top part turns closing the hole behind them and you just throw the whole gadget away.

rita said...

Ewww. Mice are darling, but they stink big time and can ruin your clothes/books/belongings in a heartbeat. That includes yarn. The last place I rented had a terrible problem with them.

Now we have a pest-control guy who "takes care" of everything. We also have 3 cats. No mice in the house. (knocking on wood)

Angela said...

I was going to tell you about the same traps Kim mentioned. My friend in Alabama had mice falling out of the dropped ceiling in her office a few weeks ago--eeeew. Hope to see you all at KIP post-election!

Anonymous said...

What a cute sweater