Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big and Little, part 1

During the Spot on Retro quilt class last month, one of the other participants, Barbara, was using some fabrics that I fell in love with.  The aqua boomerang print that is in some of the background squares, and the outer border.  I used some fabrics that are in the big spot quilt for a mother/daughter thing that's matchy, but not.  The backing fabric will be the boomerang print.  In the interest of economy, I left off the outer border that I had planned originally.  I would have had to double the yardage for the back with the additional border.  The quilt will still be the right size for Piccolo use.  I think I will use a bright binding for another color pop when I get to that part in the process.  I went to a little quilt expo yesterday and got some more repro retro dog fabric, and some applique dogs that have the fusable web on already.  I'm cooking up a few more mini dog quilts in my head.

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Chris said...

Hi Corrine! LOVE, love, love the quilts!!! Nice job and such a cool design!