Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big and Little, part 2

This is what's been making me happy for the past month.  The project I've been working on in class at Quiltology.  It's the Spot on Retro quilt, supersized for a queen bed.  I have retro looking fabrics, including some little dogs in sweaters, as the background blocks, and some bright color and brown floral business for the spots.  I'm in the process of happily fusing the spots on to the quilt, and sewing them on using satin stitch, which eats a lot of thread, let me tell you.  What you can't see yet is the brown border, and the smaller spots that will be placed on that.  It will be a color explosion.  I'm all about the sharp contrasts, as I am in my knitting.  Why part 2?  Because I couldn't let Piccolo out of the fun.  A Piccolo-sized quilt has been sent off for the long arm Dog and Bone treatment.
I was chatting with Collette at Quiltology about process vs. product.  She thinks I'm about the process.  I suppose that's true.  I love working with the colors and the patterns in the fabrics, and this quilt is not the one that I first imagined making, and the one for Piccolo was pretty much done on the fly in while I worked up the big one.  But, I like having the finished piece as well, and can imagine the scenario where I am wearing the sweater that I'm making, where I look fabulous (and the reality always falls short!).  In the case of quilting, I picture the room that I will use the quilt in.  Unfortunately, the room is in a house in Wisconsin (my dream cottage), or some other room that isn't this crummy apartment.
Yesterday, about 4 am, the Man sits up in bed, and asks where That Sound was coming from.  Scratching, and crunching, from a corner in the bedroom.  He pulls back some of his debris, which I have been asking him to clear for months it seems, and jumps when the mouse darts out.  The thing that got the mouse's attention was a hidden dog cookie.  So, now I can't give them to Piccolo without supervision.  This sucks for her.  I've already changed her diet to an all canned, so I'm not feeding dry dog food to Others.  So my anger regarding my landlady is ramped up.  Her negligence also applies to her now lost dog, who got out of the yard on Election Day, without any tags.  I feel sorry for the dog, but I don't think it had the best life with her, anyway.  I just hope he ended up safe.  Little dog vs Big City:  can't picture a good outcome there.

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Kim said...

Love your quilt. You've made a beautiful work of art.