Monday, November 10, 2008

Better Angels

Isn't it all about the timing? I got a late start, as usual. It seems that the more pressure I'm under at work, the less inclined I am to want to be there. I was in this lovely zone this morning of Wanting to Make Things, and Wanting to Stay With Piccolo. I was headed South, to one of my long distance work sites, when the traffic on the expressway slowed down to parking lot. I aborted the plan to go to my destination, and exited on the first available ramp to head back North. While I was waiting on the ramp, I saw a stray dog blithely trotting down the ramp, headed for the expressway. The dog looked like a little Chow mix to me, with a red coat and blue tongue. I called 311, asking for Animal Control, but was sent to IDOT instead. The dispatcher sort of mocked me, I think. "Doesn't that dog know that only mechinized vehicles can use the expressway?" Did angels make me leave the house late and get caught in traffic? I wonder if any one else called, or if there was an opportunity to catch the dog. I wonder if IDOT did make it in time to save the dog. I hope I don't see anything horrible as I attempt the drive tomorrow.
There's a lot of opinion out there about what dog the Obama family should adopt. Here's what I think. They should adopt the dog they fall in love with, or the dog that falls in love with them. I know it would set a good example to get a shelter dog, but really now, do these little girls have to consider what we would think when they're making a choice for a pet? They're going to be under enough scrutiny for the next four to eight years. Choosing a companion is all about emotions. It's very personal, and deeply emotional. Other people should stay out of it.
I knit this little wool/mohair sweater for inventory, then the Anthropologie catalog appeared in the mail. I must have been channeling it when I selected the colors. I love this catalog. The styling and color combinations are very fresh. My other favorite inspirational catalog is the Oilily. They mix color and print in such an unexpected way. The sweater is for sale. 8 inch neck, 10 inch chest and 10 inch length. Has a harness hole, and a leash hole. Contact me for pricing and shipping information.

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