Sunday, November 09, 2008

An Open Book

My friend Lindsay tagged me to reveal seven little known things about me.  I think that in the three plus years I've been tending to this blog, I pretty much have revealed most of my proclivities and eccentricities.  So, perhaps I may be embellishing on things that you already know.
1.  I love coffee, but rarely order it in restaurants, especially the ones that the Man likes.  It usually tastes vile to me, and if I need caffeine, I order tea instead.  You can't mess up hot water.
2.  My sewing skills are not new.  I've been sewing since I was ten years old, and for many years, made all of my clothes.  I worked in a costume shop in college.
3.  The best coffee cake ever is from a bakery on Roscoe, just West of Damen, called Rudy's.  The cake is called The Special.  It has the right combination of buttery taste, nuts, salty, sweet, with some custard filling.  I just had a piece.  Don't tell the Man.
4. I carry a tweezer in every bag, because I never know when the light is just right to expose that chin hair that I missed.  Hello fifty.
5.  I have a vintage souvenir handkerchief collection focusing on US states that I have been to.
6.  I am by nature a loyal customer.  When I like a shop or service, I tend to frequent it.
7.  I prefer to listen to progressive talk radio or news when I drive.  I can't stand all of the pop music stations that the Man has set on my radio.  He says about himself, "I'm a rocker!"  Hardly.  Rocking chair, maybe.

I'm not good at tag, but here's who I want to learn about:
Mary, JoanAndrea (she doesn't post enough!), and Laura

This is the Urban Amish quilt I made earlier this year in action, on our bed.  Piccolo is playing with her favorite toy, her squeaky dawg.  This is the toy I have to pull out of her mouth when I'm trying to get a sweater on her.  Lately we take the toy outside, I throw it, and she goes for it.  It's the cutest thing to see her walking down the street with it in her mouth.

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K said...

Oh my, I started the tweezer thing too! Driving 50 miles one way to work, I have time to check and recheck the chin in many different modes of daylight!!