Sunday, December 21, 2008

Knitting, in Real Time

It started this morning, when Piccolo, wearing two sweaters and boots, did a little bidness, and then high tailed it for the apartment.  The Man bearly got his car out of his parking spot, and then aborted any idea of heading out.  I'm staying home from two open houses, sadly.  I just hope that I can get to a distance job tomorrow.  The winter really gets me tense about my schedule.  Forces of nature vs. work.
I borrowed a camera from the Man to photograph a custom piece, that may or may not make it to North Carolina for Christmas.  I took a few of current personal projects.  This is Ingenue from Custom Knits.  I'm using lovely, luscious Briar Rose Fibers Charity.  There are lots of great designs in Custom Knits, and I think the photo styling is brilliant.  I love that the knits are treated as fashion, and the photos have attitude, but you can still really see the garment details.
Yesterday, I hit fitty one.  I had a great day with one of the Coolest Girls Ever, and went to a great holiday open house. I had my favorite cake from A Taste of Heaven, and parked outside was the Puppet Bike!  I love the Puppet Bike!

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