Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Greetings from the Lucky Penny Headquarters

This is the new pink tree, which the Man says has no shape.  I think that makes four trees now in the collection.  I have duplicate three foot white ones, because a few years ago I thought I lost one, replaced it, then found it again.  Not all my ornaments are out, but enough were unpacked to decorate this one.  One day, in another home, I'll have multiple trees to decorate.
We're in the apartment tonight, as we decided not to drive to Wisconsin in this weather.  We're hoping to get on the road tomorrow.  I have to work "the job" on Friday and Saturday, because I took some snow days.  I'm hoping I can talk the Man into dinner out.  Just a little festivity, please.
I don't send holiday cards.  I never got into the tradition.  I'm thinking that there's lots of people like me.  I love getting them, though.  Especially when they have photos of an adorable child, like Ms. Z!  What I don't get is the holiday letter, especially when it contains information that your friends would rather not know.  The Man has gotten two priceless ones.  A few years ago, he showed me one that an old girlfriend sent to his sisters.  It had a long history of the past year's health issues.  This old girlfriend, who's identity I did not know until I saw the letter, works in my profession.  I knew that much about her, and had told the Man that it was a small world, and there was a good chance I would know who she was.  Turns out that she is a good friend of an former work colleague.  He got one this year from some friends who had moved out of state.  This letter had detailed medical information.  Gyne medical information.  I don't see the how uterine fibroids relate to the holiday season, but maybe that's just me.
A few months ago, the Man showed up at a book event, and met a friend, who sort of outed how much I write about him on the blog.  He was not pleased.  He said that the blog was like those holiday letters that I can't stand, only every day. 
I must remember to leave off medical stuff.

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