Friday, December 26, 2008

Every Day

It seems like every day I fall deeper in love with Piccolo.  She was so well behaved at Christmas dinner.  There were some friends of my mom's there.  Piccolo is Afraid of Strangers.  She hid for a while, but when everyone was seated at the table, she came around looking for food.  Piccolo will be friends with any one with food, but only for as long as they have the food.  She never made a sound, but just looked up with that expression on her face.  Little morsels were given, and the new people commented on how delicately Piccolo took the food from their hands.  When she's alone with me, I get shrill, vocal demands, and sometimes a scratch across my arm.  After a while, she laid on a chair, just watching us. 
I love the little bed in the photo.  I picked it up a few years ago at a trade show for the pet industry.  The little embroideries are images that could be found on children's hankies.  The zipper is broken though, and I need to replace it.  Just one more task added to the household duties.
I'm thinking about the new year--I ordered the replacement pages for my Coach agenda, and I'll be ready to go.  I'm going to devote January to finishing projects.  Let's see how that goes, but I could end up with three or so pairs of socks out of this plan.

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