Monday, December 29, 2008

This, but Bigger, and Cooler

I left the Spot On quilt for the long arm treatment yesterday, and apparently missed someone else in the shop earlier.  This is what's up for the next big project.  This is from Kaffe's book Country Garden Quilts, and I'm using the target fabric in this colorway.  The fabrics I'm using for the log cabin patches are different, and better.  Last night, I made two log cabin squares, which is a fiddly business.  I'm making it bigger.  I better get working on the fantasy house that all these pieces are going to get used in.


Chris said...

oh my gosh!!!! you have become quit the quilting godess!!!! I am loving seeing your work Cory!
Chris at BR

BertandFelix said...

Did you know that I BOUGHT the fabric for that quilt already??