Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Year in Review

If you're late to this party, this will get you caught up to now. Some highlights and milestones--

January--the Lucky Penny household moved. I was very optimistic about the new place, but things haven't worked out as we have hoped. We're here for a while, though, I think, while I work on getting finances together for another move.

This is also when I return to quilting after a twenty year break. This time I do things right, and take instruction, rather than my ususal habit of winging it.

March--I work on two commission sweaters for the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. The end of the month marks five years with Piccolo.

April--I travel with the family to Boston, for my nephew's piano recital, and miss the earthquake.

May--we start our summer tradition of traveling to Wisconsin for weekends. I make the first of what will be many dog quilts. I exhibit at the Hand-Mayed event at Zola Jones.

June--Doggie Knits, Sweaters and Accessories for Your Best Friend, is let out to the world. So far, my life hasn't changed.

July--I exhibit at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair, and added some of my favorite yarn to my stash.

August--I attend the Michigan Fiber Festival, and Stitches Midwest. Again, more stash enhancement.

September--I convince the Man to go the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival with me.  More stash added. 

October--the second Yarn Con event. A day with my people. I start work on the beauty that's the photo up top.

November--I exhibit at the DIY Trunk Show.  Sales start to take off at the Streeterville Pet Spa.  A huge sigh of relief here as the election went our way.

December--I do one little show at the Blue Budda Boutique, which wraps up the show season for me.

Did I achieve my knitterly goals this year?  Not really.  I didn't plan out replenishing Lucky Penny stock effectively, and I misplaced the kits to start knitting a Bohus sweater.  I did find the sock monkey pattern, and about 75% finished with that project.  Next post, I'm going to do a little inventory of what projects are viable.  Janurary is going to be devoted to finishing them.

Here's to peace and prosperity in 2009.  Knit and quilt a lot, and love on your pets.

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rita said...

I'm glad that you had plenty of stash enhancement this year! Happy new year!