Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Crafty 2009

Here we are, in the new year. A time to clear the decks. Unfortunately, mine are a bit cluttered with unfinished works of 2008 and earlier. Much earlier. I have resolved to make this the month where I start no new projects (with the exception of a custom order or commission piece). I'm just finishing or fixing what I've got. Here's a little inventory of things that could make it to the finish line in January, and be actual wardrobe.
1. The October Frost, from A Fine Fleece, progress shot above. I'm 50% into this, using luscious Foxhill Farm Cormo Cross, purchased at last Summer's Michigan Fiber Festival. For some reason, cables go faster for me. Or, maybe because it's knit on a size 8 needle.
2. Ingenue, from Custom Knits. I'm almost 75% done. This is the first top down human garment I've knit. The hem is curling like, well, it's not good. If blocking doesn't solve the problem, I'm going to have to use another treatment. I don't want to have to wrestle that sweater every time I wear it. I am totally loving the yarn I'm using.
3. Diagonal Rib Vest from Jo Sharp. Not quite 40% done, but it's a vest, and I've fallen in love again with the yarn, a wool/mohair blend from Blackberry Ridge.
4. A Ribby Shell, in Noro Kureyon. Almost to the armhole shaping, so that's 50%. And, again, the advantage of a vest.
And, then there's the shameful projects:
1. A ribby cardi. Needs to have the zipper sewn in, and the neck treatment knit. It's been this way for 2+ years.
2. My own design of a cardigan, using Briar Rose Abundance and Fourth of July. Just a little more finishing.
3. Loppem from Norah Gaughan volume three. I just have to sew on buttons.
4. There's this great brown turtleneck I knit over four years ago, and just wore once, and decided I needed to lengthen the ribbing, and shorten the sleeves. The ribbing is off, re-knit, and needs to be grafted on. I think all that grafting is holding me back. I may just pick up the live stitches on the body and work down.
And, socks--three that need mates! One I actually finished a few days ago, except for weaving in ends. I'm a few inches into the mate of a Retro Rib sock from Favorite Socks, using Mountain Colors Weavers Wool Quarters.
On the home front, the big sock monkey just needs one arm finished and the tail. I'm thinking about shrinking a favorite hat pattern for the monkey to wear. I'm thinking about Westside. A little brim would look hysterical on the monkey.
My finishing resolution will also apply to quilting. I have a top that I started last spring, and then there's the target quilt, started just a few days ago, but it meets the criteria for unfinished item.
On the design front, I need to get going on a big dog sweater pattern (right, T?) and learn how to do a PDF file for online purchase. I'm going to take charge of promoting Doggie Knits (I've got something kind of bold planned!), and I need to find a new publisher for the sequel!
I better get to work.


BertandFelix said...

oh my gosh! The westside would be perfect for the sock monkey.

I only have one arm to complete too.

Chris said...

Hi Corrine! I've been thinking about starting October Frost too!!!
Great minds ....and all that. I've been thinking of doing it either in Abundance or Charity...what do you think?
Chris of Briar Rose Fibers :)