Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Me vs. Technology

I finished some really lovely gloves, using some mitts that Ms. Sweetfigs had given to me a few months ago, along with the unused Briar Rose Fibers Heritage that they had been made with.  I could not get my camera's power button on.  So, until I get my camera situation under control, I may be going to the archives or resurrecting some old photos to suppport my blog posts.  This is a sweater made by my friend in Norway, Bente.  If you didn't follow the blog a few years ago, we did a trans-Atlantic dog sweater swap.  Besides our mutual interest in dog sweaters, we share an interest in quilting.  Bente keeps a much tidier studio than I do, though.  Piccolo is on the front porch of our last address.  We're having similar weather today.
Today the laptop I use for work just died.  The screen went blank, and I wasn't able to shut it off, or reboot.  I had to do all of my work over by hand, fortunately there wasn't much, as I was far from home and wanted to get out before the weather hit.
My other tech issue is that the pc is running low on memory.  I wonder if it isn't time for a new one.

This weekend I may do the Christmas decor.  The Man was pretty happy when I told him our little tree was going to be pink this year.  I may knit a little skirt for the tree.   Project wise, I've sort of started a little travel quilt for Piccolo, and I'm thinking a lot about doll quilts for wall display. 

I was checking my sales rank on Amazon, because I'm obesessed, and I didn't notice that two more reviews were posted recently.  Here's a quote that really made my day:
"The author clearly had her hands in every phase of the creation of this book and you feel her personality in it everywhere."  The truth is, when I first saw my proof, I was concerned that it didn't have my flavor.  How nice to be mistaken!

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