Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Believe in Love

I choose to be happy. The D was averted. My explanation is that two people living together, well, things can build up, and then pop like a giant toxic zit.
Something happened on Sunday, that I shouldn't really write about, because it's someone else's story. But the experience has been on my mind a lot. Just about how vulnerable we all are, and that something awful can happen, but we somehow make it through and find a way to heal.
The bold move that was made, is I sent a package with sweaters and a book to someone really famous. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Angela said...

Trust me, I understand about things building up. I'm (we're) much better about that now! Hope to see you at KIP.

BertandFelix said...

Ok, you are making me cry again! Thanks so much for being there for me! It is hard for me to rely on others and I am just glad you were there.

You can write about it if you want...really.