Sunday, February 08, 2009


Back from a really fun road trip yesterday!  I rode shotgun as Mary drove us to Marengo, Belevidere, and Rockford.  Lots of money spent, first at The Fold, then at this amazing store with a huge selection of 30's reproduction fabrics.  My head feels like it's just going to explode with all the things I want to make with my newly acquired fabrics and yarn!
We will go to the Belevidere store often--we loved it!  It's called All My Stitches, and sadly, does not have a web site to link to.  There is also a restaurant next door, El Mocajete, that seriously had the best Mexican food I've ever had. 
This little applique patchwork with embroidery is hanging on the bulletin board over my sewing machine.  It's adorable, and so inspirational to me. 
In Lucky Penny news, the lovely Chix with Stix yarn shop, in Forsest Park, IL,  will be hosting a Doggie Knits event in April!

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