Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Can't Stop Thinking

I might be slow to start in the morning when it comes to the regular, pay the bills job.  I get into this zone of making things, and wanting to make things, and ideas for making new things.  It started for me today when I had Piccolo out for her walk in minus 15 degree cold.  She did relatively okay in a thick sweater and her rubber booties, but my fingers felt like they were going to snap off.  All day I've been thinking about how heavenly it would be to have my hands encased in thrummed mittens.  I just can't stop thinking about it.  I'm obsessed with it.  I want to get started on them, now.  The ironic thing is that in a couple of days it will be in the 50's here.  I'll be prepared for next winter.  This also has me thinking of some other things that could be thrummed. 
This glove, one of a pair worn this winter, started as some fingerless mitts that my friend Sweetfigs gave me, along with the left over yarn.  Briar Rose Fibers, of course.  Heritage, 100% Wensleydale fiber.  I decided that a fingerless glove was sort of useless in Chicago weather, so I took the stitches out to past the thumb opening, which left a nice long cuff, and then I knit a glove up from the live stitches.  I have another pair waiting for the same treatment.  I like a glove with a long cuff, as I detest that gap between a glove and a coat sleeve.

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