Monday, February 02, 2009


Me to Him--"Do you ever get this feeling that you can't wait to see Piccolo?"  (this is an overwhelming feeling that I experience often!)
Him:  "Well, sometimes I think, it would be nice to see the dog, but not the way you do."

It's hard for me to be away from her.  If I am going some where, I have to work up to being away from my little family.  I certainly need more than a week.  Not seeing Piccolo is the little painful part of any fun or adventure I may have when I'm gone.
I'm not going away.

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Madame Purl said...

This happens to me. I work 1/2 a day and I think "I can't wait to get home to see what they're doing and play with them." I know when I travel I really miss them all. As soon as we're away from home more than an hour or so, I get antsy.