Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cute, on the Hanger

On me, not so much. This is Loppem from Norah Gaughan, volume 3. I used Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed, which I thought was perfect for a garment without sleeves. I had a favorite sweater knit from it that I wore frequently, but blew out both elbows. I think the yarn, while beautiful and soft, doesn't stand up to hard wear. I finally got the buttons on, put the sweater on, and decided that I couldn't leave the house in it. I think the way it opens in front just is like an arrow pointing to all my fleshy bits. It may be cute over a oversized shirt worn not tucked in. Maybe.
Where am I with my January goals for finishing projects? I've finished three sweaters. The green sweater I posted about last week got altered a bit. My wardrobe stylist (aka the Man) suggested it might be too short. I sought a second opinion when I saw Vera Videnovich at a farmer's market on Saturday, and she thought it could be a couple of inches longer. I had plenty of yarn left over to do it. I am on target for finishing another sweater before the month is over, and possibly a total of two pairs of socks.
All this finishing has me itching to start something new. I couldn't help myself, and purchased 2000 yards of luscious Glory Days from Briar Rose Fibers. I had thought it would be funny to knit a February Lady sweater in February, but my Loppen experience has me wondering if the shape of the sweater might have the same issues. I have also considered doing Ariann in the new yarn, or another Ingenue because I like the fit so much. I sort of have a preference for pullovers over cardigans, it seems. I'm kind of from the school that if something works, you need one in every color. Well, considering my collection of Rosebuds, you may have already guessed that.
I'm open to readers who know what I look like leaving suggestions. What's next--February Lady, Ariann, or Ingenue?

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Kim said...

didn't you just do Ingenue? My memory might be slipping. I would encourage you to knit Ariann. Classy plus it is Bonne Marie's - how can you go wrong?

Stay warm!