Saturday, February 14, 2009

Misery in Chicago?

What the H does Forbes magazine know?  Apparently, Chicago is #3 for the nation's most miserable cities.  Whoever came up with that determination obviously doesn't craft.  Sure, the sports teams are mostly disappointing, the parking is expensive, and neighborhood permit parking sucks.  The extremes in hot and cold temperatures can be bothersome.  But, if you knit, it's a great location.  Great shops, lots of friends to knit (or quilt) with, and close proximity to some other great shop or fiber festival locations if you're up for a road trip.  There's also a very active indie craft community for just about any thing you would want.

I do have my miserable moments.  Every morning, before my first cup of coffee, I take Piccolo out for a walk.  I had the dressing for the weather thing down for both of us with the exception of my hands.  A few times, wearing knit gloves, it felt like my fingers would snap off.  I started to think that a fluffy wool lined mitten with long cuffs to avoid that dreaded gap between my coat and the mitten would be just the right thing.  I obsessed.  I did a little swatching with some worsted weight yarn, and some unspun Icelandic wool gifted by Mary last at last weekend's road trip, and decided to use some Kureyon from my stash.  I chose contrasting wool for the thrums so they would be an extra pop of color.  I washed them in Soak to get the inside felting started a bit and to soften the Kureyon.  I'm ready for the next cold snap, if another one happens this year.