Thursday, February 19, 2009


I started work on this, planning for a bed sized quilt. During the process, I decided that the log cabin squares, having strips of different widths, were getting too distorted. I will do my patchwork squares using a different method, so my squares will me more uniform, and larger. This left me with four "experimental" patchwork squares. I made a fifth, then trimmed them down, then I cut the target fabric squares. So, this will be a funky wall hanging. There are still decisions to be made that will impact the final result. The choice of backing and binding fabric, and the quilt texture, along with the color of thread used for the quilting.
I love this top. It's so psychedelic. To me, it just moves and undulates. I can' t stop looking at it!

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BertandFelix said...

I am buzzing along on my 9-patch and want to do your quilt next. I love the bullseye stuff!! Should be a fast, easy quilt to do too.

Oh, got all my 9-patches done and now the piecing begins...wish me luck.