Monday, February 23, 2009

The Studio Muse

Piccolo's job as studio muse can be demanding. Have your bod available for fittings, and overall supervision of the works in progress. Keeping Mommy company when she's on the sofa moaning. One of her preferred places is the top of the sofa. There's a ridge between the sofa back and where the cushions are attached the make a comfy nook, and she can fall into a sound sleep there. It's a great vantage point for surveying the action in the room, or the kitchen, or keeping tabs on the activity that occurs on the sofa. This weekend it was me passed out during the day, after having been kept up all night by the sound of my sinuses filling with junk, or working on projects, including a very large custom sweater.
She's on the first quilt that I made last year, and wrapped in the Lyubi blanket from Doggie Knits. I had intended the blanket to be a wrap for me, but she sort of took it over. Works better on her. I knit it using Briar Rose Fibers Robusta, a luscious Blue Faced Leicester.


Chris said... darned cute!

Laura said...

She does a fabulous job!

rita said...

She looks so happy!