Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I still have the remnants of the Cold That Will Never Go Away, and just feeling stifiled by my work situation.  I don't mention it much, but no one from that world knows or ever reads the blog.  Most of them, even the knitter that I met at work, don't know anything about the internet world, or Ravelry, even.  I don't think any one from my work world is on Facebook either.   So, without specifics, I can just say I'm a little fed up with it, and them.  I guess I just need a vacation, or the Man and I need to get away to Wisconsin.  We haven't been up there since Christmas.  I just love it there. 
I started a new sweater to soothe myself.  Nothing satisfies like wool.  This is the Amanda Jacket from A Fine Fleece.  The fiber is Briar Rose Fibers Abundance.


Rebecca said...

So sorry your work enviornment isn't too great. A little trip to Wisconsin sounds like good medicine...that, combined with this gorgeous wool in your post!

rita said...

It's started beautifully. No one at work knows about my blog, and just about everyone is on facebook--but I don't use my real name. No way!