Monday, March 09, 2009

It Had to Happen

No photos for a little while. All the signs were there on my computer. The warnings about being low on memory. The computer freezing completely. The Fan Failure notices. The last was a blue screen that I couldn't get past to open Windows. I think the computer is DOA. I wrote Doggie Knits on it, and it has lots of patterns downloaded, and a ton of photos. So, I've hijacked my work laptop, to be functioning at some capacity in the Lucky Penny household. I'm hoping the Man and I get something new this week, so I can be back in bidness.
Piccolo went to the vet for her vaccinations today, and the total was over $150. For a healthy pet. She is one of the reasons I have to keep working at the job. Cutting back on Piccolo care is not a consideration.
I've been thinking about how I can feel good about working, and volunteering for something that's not related to work sounds good right now. I've also been thinking about how I can contribute to my community in a way that's meaningful to me. It always comes back to pets. I had thought about working at the pretty new shelter that's closest to home. I volunteered for them about ten years ago, and the truth is, I didn't fit the demographic for a volunteer. I'm alot older and lumpier than their usual volunteer, and I'm not from Lincoln Park. A friend suggested that Chicago Animal Care and Control is desperate for volunteers. I like the idea. The city pound. They're having volunteer orientation in a few weeks. I hope I'm up for the task.
So, I'll continue to write posts, but if you want Piccolo photos (and isn't that what you come for?), you'll have to scroll down, or go to archives.

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rita said...

Piccolo photos are the bonus here. I love your patterns, so I'll keep coming back to see what's going on.