Thursday, March 19, 2009


We were ready to go.  I had Piccolo's new car quilt, and our bags packed.  We got to Wisconsin Saturday afternoon, and then my mother decided to send me home.  I've missed a few days of work, and all the tasks there are still waiting to be done.  I've been to the doctor, and lost my voice.  Some knitting has been done, amazingly.  I can knit from a reclined position.  No real energy for sewing.  I almost made it to work yesterday, but after a night of not sleeping, decided to scrap my plans.  I will leave the house today.

The little quilt was made using a free pattern on Amy Butler's website.  I used some of my vintage dog fabrics and assorted things collected.  I love the striped quilt back with the dotty binding. 

We're on a new computer tower.  I did not back up any of my work from the old one, so I'm wondering how I can retrieve important documents, like the corrected Penny pattern that I email on request, and my Lucky Penny inventory.   I may just have to re-create these things.

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Theresa said...

Did your harddrive in the old computer fail? If not, you may be able to plug it into the new one and retrieve some of that information.