Monday, March 23, 2009

Knitting for the Plus Sized Dog

A few weeks ago, I called into the "recession busting" segment on the Ed Schultz radio program.  It's an opportunity for an independent business to get some free advertising.  A lady in Texas, Amy, was listening and contacted me for a sweater for her dog Kali, picutred above.  What a happy, adorable girl, and a big thank you to Amy for letting me use her photos.  I'm not usually inclined to make a sweater this big.  Kali is a big girl with a 38 inch chest and 23 inches long.  Last year I knit a sweater for a large Basset hound that was a total disaster.  I thought Kali's measurements were odd, but Amy had sent a photo.  After having a look, I could see that Kali was a plus sized girl, as Amy had described.  Amy's usual strategy for sweatering was to fit the chest, then just fold the excess length back.  I used some design features from a couple of designs in Doggie Knits to accomodate a large chest.  I used chunky yarn, as I felt that Kali could carry a heavier yarn off.  I think that the sweater was a success because Amy did a great job measuring.  I guess this is a lesson that big dogs need pampering, and appreciate a custom fit, luxury sweater!
In January I attempted to be my own publicist, and sent a copy of my book and a few sweaters to Martha Stewart.  This month she had two shows related to dog sweaters.  One, specific to dogs, featured a dog knitting book, sadly, not mine.  I like the book that was featured on the show, I think it was well executed, although I'm partial to my own designs.  I'm thinking the difference is the authors of that book had support from their publisher regarding publicity, while I do not.   I don't imagine that any one from my publisher is aware of my blog, so I might be a little more free with expressing my disappointment for the non-promotion aspect of my publishing experience.  Today,  Martha did a yarn themed show that was in large part an infomercial for Lion Brand with a fashion show featuring mostly acrylic fugly scarves.  The Lion Brand studio designed a sweater for Martha's dogs.  Don't even get me started on how cotton is the wrong fiber for a dog sweater, even the organic stuff.  Another disappointment.


BertandFelix said...

I watched Martha's show too. It was alful!! The scarves...well...all the projects were fumpy! That is what people think knitting is. Uggg. Nothing like your beautiful doggy sweaters...nothing. Martha really dropped her standards with that show!!!!

Laura said...

Good for you for doing your own promo--it's paying off!