Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting the Girly On

Our road trips go as follows:  Drive to rest stop, pick up travel information, drive to get something to eat, repeat.  I'm the driver, and he's the talker, coffee drinker, and newspaper reader.  I do a fair amount of people watching at our stops.  I'm fascinated by how people choose to dress, and style their hair.  If you ever met me, you might think, "what the H does she know?"  But I see so many things that are just wrong.  The mullet family.  A whole family!  A mother/daughter Dead Head tie dye t-shirt pair.  If you're plus sized, and over 30, or 50 in this case, a not fitted t-shirt is a mistake.  A 50+ woman with waist length gray hair, no layers, just hair, tied back with a rubber band.  I couldn't help to think what a nice layered cut and a new color could do to take 20 years off.
With my own dressing, I'm trying to do better.  I spend a fair amount of funds on the hair, and get regular pedicures, and eyebrow shaping.  I think that stuff gets even more important as I get older.  I can't imagine now how I let my feet just go before.  I've just recently upgraded my foundation wardrobe.  Thanks to Isabella Fine Lingerie, I now own some brawrs that are pretty enough to be worn as tops!  Does anyone remember the Seinfeld episode when Elaine gave her friend a bra that she wore on the street as a top?  I think I dated myself when I told Isabella's shop owner about it.  I think that I'm getting to an age that I am losing some feminine features.  I've seen some recent photos, and it's scary.  When I see it happening to other women, they've also cut their hair severely, and start to dress in the dowdy.  I like to dress comfortably, but I think I need to add some girly details.  The sweater in the photo is Sophia, featured on the cover of the book French Girl Knits.  I purchased the book for another design, but after close inspection, this might be the one I make first.  I love the details, the little cable neck trim, and it's got a really cute little gusset in the back.  I just need to settle on a dk weight yarn for this baby.

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